Sustainable development is a process:

Sustainable  development  is a process of change in which the direction of  investment, the orientation of technology, the allocation of  resources, the development and functioning of institutions to meet the present needs and aspirations of the people without endangering the capacity of natural systems to absorb the effects of human activities, and without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and aspirations.  -R. F. Weston.

Mission statement:

To build a world class engineering and biological eco-friendly farm and an enterprising institution which will be a model to create a functioning solutions to achieve sustainability in agricultural practices so as to maximise productivity of food, fodder, bio-fuel and energy per unit of area, per unit of time and per unit of water without compromising the natural system.

The folks behind Dynamic farms ( are technocrats with decades of experience in agricultural practices in India. 

They are professionals in power and water management with over 40 years of hands on experience. 

Most of all, they are extra-ordinary visionaries who are looking beyond the cacophony and chaos of present day existence that is sure to bring doom to the ecology and the economy, into a rainbow of a living model that shows society at large, a sustainable life style.

A self sustaining life style that is harmonious with nature can be achieved through agricultural, horticultural, forestry, aqua cultural and allied activities adopting proven international,  traditional and  engineering, biological practices with endless flow of inputs, resources from conserved, recycled, reused water resources from surface, ground and rain water, fertilizer and energy from both conventional and renewable from biomass, animal wastes and solar and wind without degrading the environment. 

Such a life style will help millions of people move away from farm labour and cyclic poverty. Freed from manual low paying farm labour, they can then go in pursuit of other useful and creative endeavours.



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