Current concerns in India for food security are as follows;

  Pressure of the population,
  Skewed distribution of agricultural operation,
  Land Degradation,
  Water  Balance,  
  Low level of mechanization,  
  Lack  of modern modern  technologies and its non availability, and
  Low  fertilizer consumption.  

In India, economists say that when it takes almost 60 per-cent of the of working population to produce a fifth of its GDP, it poses serious problems about the long-term economic growth of the country.  Small family farms constitute around 80 per cent of all land holdings.  But they contribute only about 42 per cent of grain production and over half of all fruits and vegetables

There is a critical need to  reengineer our green planet because the means by which food is currently being produced damages the very resources that are essential to producing the it. While developed    nations  industrial agriculture, in done in more than  100000  acres with monoculture. As  we know it, is  highly  productive, but  it is ecologically damaging and in many cases also socially in just. In other words the way that industrial agriculture is currently designed  has caused environmental problems and has caused soil erosion ,desertification ,pesticide run off , ground water pollution and so on .

Where as the developing nation with fragmented  land holding less than one hectare with monoculture   is also having all above problems  makes it uneconomic for agriculture  and becomes environmentally unfriendly. Policy barriers need to be broken to make farm aggregation a success in developing countries like India.

Eco friendly agriculture farm is more feasible in medium size land like middle east and agro forestry in 100 acres to 1000 acres and more  which will be economically viable and attractive to reduce people from the clutches of farm labor. 

Mechanised farming with distributed power generation from renewable sources, rainwater harvesting, water shed and water storage with large size farm implements, Irrigation machines with crop rotation for soil health and  to reduce over use of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals, will increase agricultural productivity to meet the food and nutritional needs of the present and future population growth.


Population  Growth  and Food Suppliesis life
Crop Yields  And Food Security.
(All bracketed values are stand for India)water
Current concerns in India for food security are as follows
Efficient Crop Rotation & Double Crops with Rain Water
Re-Cycling Organic Waste
Organic Farming up to the Possible Extent
Sustainable Agro forest
Dual Water System
Growing Local Food
Keeping the Ground Fertile & Keeping Away From Plastics
Our Land - Our Future