Consultancy Services :

We undertake Consultancy services and offer Technical Consultancy Services on a turnkey basis to integrated farms with biodiversity.

Our expertise lie in land development, water resource management by exploration of surface and ground water, development of rain water harvesting using smart precision farming technologies, with best practices to increase energy efficiency, crop production, and water conservation.

We help integrate farms with horticulture, animal husbandry, aquaculture, and agro-forestry by water recycling with renewable energy from biomass, solar, wind to produce food, fiber feed and bio –fuel.

Land, Water, Energy Management and Planning 
We analyze conditions that determines the best allocations of areas by land survey, soil study, land development and land preparation for designing integrated eco-friendly farms with biodiversity for best crops and trees taking into considerations the soil, water, climate, economics, labor, energy, farmer / owner requirements and so on.

Engineering of Project and Systems design
Finalize the project proposals for land development, water resource management, development of rain water harvesting with watershed, efficient irrigation systems using Smart Precision farming technologies, agro forestry and renewable power / energy based on the information obtained during site analysis and survey.

Design the entire project and systems, using state- of- the -art designing methods and equipment.

Planning farm mechanization and renewable energy sources
Selection of equipments for sowing, inter cultivation, harvesting, distributive power generation for irrigation, food processing, cooling and heating cycle for cold storage and grain storage.

Water Management The Irrigation System that is best for your needs.
Matching Aquaculture and Livestock by recycling of water as integrated farm enterprises. Selection of efficient sprinkler and micro irrigation systems.

Equipment specification, and systems, quote
Specify all the proper equipment and materials needed for the complete system. Quote a single price including delivery of the entire system.

Readying of land with water resources

Equipment procurement
Purchase all equipment and materials specified in the quotation.

Equipment staging, documentation & shipment.
Consolidate all equipment and material into one large single shipment. Pack into containers and craters. Prepare all documents to assure quickest clearance through customs and processing of loans and other payments. Arrange the most economical and timely shipment of the system.

Installation Support
Instruct personnel to properly and efficiently install the system. Advise on survey, layout, installation, testing and start-up of the system.

Train operating personnel on scheduling of irrigation and proper operation of pumps, valves, filters and chemical injectors. Train maintenance personnel on periodic maintenance requirements and problem-solving procedures.

After sales service
With DBTF loyal distributors, answer questions, help with problems, supply spare parts, and everything needed to assure that your system operates flawlessly year after year.

Agro Implements :

Our agro implements group company M/s Irridyne Agro Implements (P) Limited can design, engineer, manufacture, commission and renovate and remodel Irridyne Center Pivot, Lateral Move, Micro irrigation systems and other advanced irrigation systems and accessories.