Water is life.

All living things depends on water to support life functions. Human and animals food supplies are dependent up on fresh water though agriculture and aquaculture.

For millions of years, both the total quantity of all water resources and average annual rate of renewal of freshwater resources have remained constant.

At the same time, world population continued to grow, and their distribution either outstripped the available fresh water or simply did not coincide with seeming abundance of fresh water resources .

On average, a water stress condition exists when there  is  less than 1700 m3/capita/year for all major functions (domestic, industrial, agricultural and natural ecosystems). By 2025, about 3 billion people, or nearly 40 % percent of the world’s  population could face water scarcity or water stress of some sort.

Increased  evaporation and reduced flow in rivers will  decrease fresh water availability  at  a time when 50  %   increase  in  demand  expected  in  five decades .

Water use has been accelerated in the recent history. During the 20th century, the world population tripled while water use for human purposes multiplied six-fold.

Of the world’s annual renewable water resources, 71  percent is used for agriculture, 20% is for industry, and 9% for municipal and domestic purposes. 

Water is life
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