Surface & Ground water

Indian agriculture remains depend on rains , even though the area under irrigation has expanded 161% from22.6 million hectares in 1950 to 59 million hectares in 1990. This because 42 % of the irrigation systems are dependent on surface water, or are rain fed. Tank, wells, tube wells and other ground water sources contributed 51% while the rest comes from other sources .

Excessive withdrawals from tanks , wells, tube wells with out proper rain water re- charging , and silt removal has resulted in 70 metres of ground water level fall in the last 30 years.

All inputs like water shall be harvested,   recycled, reused, regenerated, reduced and   conserved with sustainability. All this, resulted in a drop by 70 m of ground water level in the last 30 years.

Irrigation - 40% food from 17% irrigated land

Irrigation is the most visible form of water use, especially in arid and semi arid climates . It practiced on about 17 % of all agricultural lands worldwide and accounts to about 40% of all agricultural outputs . Rain- fed and irrigated agriculture has to continue to grow at about 2% per annum in order to  meet the rapid population growth , changes of diet and newly emerging fuel shortages to transport vehicles .

Irrigation without arrangement for drainage would result in soils getting alkaline or saline and unsuitable for cultivation without soil amendments.

New ways and higher efficiencies for using water in agriculture will be needed the needs for food , fiber, feed, and fuels in the next decades .

Increased evaporation and reduced flow in rivers will decrease fresh water availability at a time when 50% increase in demand expected in five decades.


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Surface & Ground water
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