Improved & EfficientIrrigationTechnology

Improved technologies are needed in water storage, transfer, and conveyance is needed to overcome  climatic variation and crop needs. Field  application  measures application efficiency must continue to be developed.

Agriculture production with irrigation produces 3.6 times than rain fed land. The 18% of the total farm land under irrigation produces 40% of the world's total food production. 

The world has approximately 260 million hectares of irrigated land. If just 1% of the land was converted from traditional irrigated methods to precision method, more than 7 million cubic meter of water can be conserved annually. 

This saving would make a major contribution in solving water shortage around the world, precise uniform application not only conserves water it also increases crop yields, quality, and revenue. Modern irrigation methods can help grow more food with less water. 

Major issue facing by flooded irrigation is water contamination from chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and other pollutants are leached into surface and ground water. More protective crop residue cover can be left on fields. 

Higher the tillage more soil erosion and water pollution and mechanized irrigation allows minimum or no till.



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Improved & EfficientIrrigationTechnology
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