Center Pivot Irrigation

By the middle of 20th century, agriculture was ready for a better kind of sprinkler system. It was invented in 1952 - The self propelled center pivot sprinkler. Over the next decade, the new design was gradually accepted as a superior form of irrigation. 

The center pivot concept is simple. A long pipeline attached to a central point travels over in a field in a circle. As it passes over crops sprinkler spaced along the pipeline emit water, nourishing the crop below. 

Presently this type of self propelled mechanized irrigation systems irrigates more than 4 million hectares in over 120 countries. This equipment is simple to operate, highly reliable, long lasting and extremely precise in operation.

Unlike surface irrigation, the center pivots do not require furrows to carry water through the field. Eliminating this tillage saves money and, plus it also allows the farmer to immediately plant another crop in the field - a key factor in the success of multiple cropping. 

After one crop is harvested , the farmers can prepare the field and seed a new crop. They can then turn on the center pivot and irrigate the field so that the seeds quickly germinate, a benefit the drip systems cannot offer.

Any plant that grows under rain can grow under this system, provided the height is less than 5 meters. Now operating in 120 countries in morethan 40 million hectares including   U.S.A, China, for cereals (rice, wheat, maze), millets, pulses, oilseeds, sugarcane, cotton, fodder,  bio fuel and many more crops and has a life span of 25 years and more.

Center pivot is a multifunctional machine which can irrigate, fertigate, chemigate, harvest rainwater. Apply wastewater and apply pesticide if needed. Irrigate with less water, energy, time, manpower with more crop yield, quality and national economics.


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