Hundred days Rainfall in 100 Hours !

Models show that that rainfall in India will increase, but number of rainy days will decrease. So rains will come in torrents and stay away for long periods.

Increased  evaporation and reduced flow in rivers will  increase fresh water availability at a time when 50 % increase in demand expected in five decades.

Investment in water management on a massive scale, and specifically on diversions and storage technologies. Rain water harvesting has a major role to play for surface water / irrigation and storage in farm ponds and recharging ground water.

Watershed, rainwater harvesting and management.

India has blessed with abundant water  resources . The average rainfall is about 1150 mm compared to world’s average 840 mm. Since he rainfall is erratic and unevenly distributed, it is not possible to provide irrigation facilities in all parts of the country .

Aqua culture + Agriculture = Profits.

In tropical and sub tropical countries water shortages during rainy season and the concurrent inability to irrigate limit agricultural production.

The solution is construction of water reservoirs in which the water collects during the rainy season and is used during the dry season. Such reservoirs can also be used to raise fish.

Integration is achieved by first using the water for aquaculture and then after the fish has been harvested, using It to irrigate crops. This increases income and the water used twice more efficiently with feed conversion ratio  0.8.


Water is life
Surface & Ground water
Irrigation - 40% food from 17% irrigated land
Improved & EfficientIrrigationTechnology
Flood method or surge flow canal irrigation
Drip method (surface and Buried)
Center Pivot Irrigation
Hundred days Rainfall in 100 Hours !
Watershed,rainwater harvesting and management
Aqua culture + Agriculture = Profits
Our Water - Our Future