Water at our farms are for every conceivable use. We are a true model for rainwater collection, fish breeding, fish pond and for irrigation.

Nourishing the land through conservation of rainwater recharging ground water and judicious water management.

After initial resistively survey a open well was dug of 12 m diameter and 12 m deep was dug in 1988 and well water sample test revealed total dissolved solids 1066. ppm and Ph 8.1 and water was hard. Latter two more wells added. In 2003 four numbers of bore well were also drilled.

For 100% rain water harvesting, water shed development and water management practices we have constructed 15 farm ponds of roughly including a 2.5 acre lake with maximum total water holding capacity 76000 m3 and water trenches of length 5600 meters of total water holding capacity of 8000 m3.

These trenches will lead water to farm ponds and also will recharge ground water .To increase the retention time and to avoid soil erosion water trenches is portioned with available stone wall formed at periodical interval We are true model for rainwater collection and integrated in farming with animal husbandry, aquaculture with katla , rogu, mirgal and other carps reared in pond and finally used for irrigation through center pivot sprinkler machine.

Farm has three open wells, two 12 meters diameter and15 meters deep, another 7 meters diameter and 15 meters deep. In addition, four boreholes of 7-inch diameter and 500 ft deep were also dug.

World’s advanced Irridyne Center Pivot sprinkler machine

The developmental work for 25 acres system was started in 1988 and it was engineered, manufactured and installed in 1992.This system was tested and perfected in1996 and is in operation ever since……

All components are indigenous and it is India’s first center pivot system. Our group company IRRIDYNE AGRO IMPLEMENTS (P) Ltd. With this INDIA‘S technological lag has been over come. This company can engineer, manufacture, supply, install, and service the system.

This system is irrigating grains, millets, oilseed, vegetables, fodder and many more. This system harvests rainwater with circular furrows.

The electrical power requirement for the machine is supplied by a 12KVA distributive diesel generating set

Horticultural crops mango, nelli, sappota , jamun, dates were planted in 20 acres are irrigated from well water through micro irrigation.

The farm has daily records weather details temperature, relative humidity and rainfall. Further we are also maintaining water levels of wells, ponds for more than a decade. click here Page - 02

Water is life
Surface & Ground water
Irrigation - 40% food from 17% irrigated land
Improved & EfficientIrrigationTechnology
Flood method or surge flow canal irrigation
Drip method (surface and Buried)
Center Pivot Irrigation
Hundred days Rainfall in 100 Hours !
Watershed, rainwater harvesting and
Aqua culture + Agriculture = Profits
Our Water - Our Future