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Water usage and management practices adopted at Dynamic Bio tech farms are detailed as follows:

  Initially there were no water resources
  All the rain just flow on barren ground and reached nearest water holding lakes eroding the soil. One well 40 ft diameter 30 ft depth was dug which gave water for farm house and fodder for cultivation, rabbit and goat. During summer the water level was reached to bottom less than one foot. Even one acre cultivation was not possible.
  Percolation ponds where made each 2 acres. And a second well was included. This has helped to grow lot of trees.
  Re-engineering of blue planet efforts was started with water shed development and management practice. And various developments done in other countries were also implemented.
  Rain water harvesting water ponds. Rain water harvesting water canals or channels of about 6 Kms.
  Not only drop per crop but much more than that.
  Recycle, reuse, Fish Culture, Blue green algae, Koy ornamental fish, biological filters
  Drinking water plant.
  Irrigation advances center pivot sprinkler irrigation, Fixed sprinkler irrigation for grass, Micro irrigation wide spaced tree crops, Horticulture.
  Center pivot for grains, vegetables, fodder using water from collection tanks.
  In India the monsoon rainfall is for about 2-3 months in which total rain occurs about 100 hours. The above fact clearly states that there is a need for water conservation, harvesting and management.
  It is further global warming is going to worsen that the rainfall in India will increase but the number of rainy days will decrease. Center pivot will store rainwater in the irrigated land itself. Every center pivot is a rain harvesting land which drip cannot do.
  Fish production from recycled live stock waste conserves a limited resource.

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