Developing countries need more electricity power for continued sustainable economic  and  social development . Traditional fossil –fuel power plants are difficult to site, finance, operate and to maintain and expensive to operate where fuel is not available locally .Environmental damages  is  another major consideration  They  are experiencing power shortages exceeding  10 % of their generating capacity
India’s power demand is about 1,07,000  MW, while availability is  94000 mw . that leaves a shortage of 12 % .. The power consumption pattern as per 2006 -2007 industry  consumes  37.6 %  and agriculture consumes 21.7%   mostly through 15  million 3/5  horse power  pump sets
 In India agriculture comes as second largest, next to industry in pattern of electrical power consumption . .Over and above three million  diesel pump sets also running in inaccessible locations .

Energy as input for productive agriculture is indispensable. Indian agriculture sector consumes 30% of total energy produced from all forms of energy sources.

 This encouraged ground water pumping to grow 6% annually. Fifty percent irrigated  cultivable lands depend on wells/ground water. 85%  of this electricity for pumping operations. There  are  18 million of such irrigation pumps are in operation, using electricity/diesel working at efficiency in the range of 20-25%.

 All this resulted in drop by 70 m of ground water level in the last 30 years. To compensate this, by increasing the availability of the energy, it is estimated that at least annual carbon emission by India to go by 6%.



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