Climate change and development

We are here in South East Asia to hear what climate change means for millions of people in India and  Bangladesh .For this region , the case for the urgency of tackling climate change is beyond  question  Cyclones  Aila and  Nargis have killed thousands and displaced millions  more in Burma ,Bangladesh and West Bengal    Flooding of the Kosi river for the past two years has driven millions from there homes in Nepal and Bihar . Torrential rains has caused terrible land slide across Himalayas .And weakened monsoon is causing a drought which threatens hundreds of millions of farmers all over India , Bangladesh and Nepal .While none of these natural disasters can be attributed directly to  climate change ,Scientists predict they will become more frequent and more severe   unless  we act along  with huge human loss   and with un measurable global economic crisis.

In July world leaders agreed to strive to keep global temperature rise with in 2 degrees Centigrade  threshold , beyond which the risks of dangerous climate change rise significantly. That why India is taking important steps to increase use of renewable energy, particularly solar power, to increase the energy  efficiency of its  economy and to increase forest cover.

Let us wait and see the out come of Copenhagen Denmrk meeting on Climate change.


Totally 25,000 trees of hard and soft woods and, fodder trees  already  and being  added   this  year  and  in  2010   will help  our farm  to  get    100  million liter   rain water , save  120,000  metric tones of soil from erosion ,and  will  absorb  160  metric tones of  carbon di  oxide  and to produce  100 tones  of    oxygen .This  is also going to have  cooler  summer  and  warmer   winter  and    purify   total atmospheric air.

 We have planned to install  biomass 10  KVA  producer gas  distributed power generator..  

Due to the above activities there has been lot of work opportunities for surrounding village farming labour . It is one of the modern and model farms and it will boost to others to do something in agricultural activities

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Climate change and development

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